Review: To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander

Never have I been so disappointed by a book.

I’ve heard so many good things about Tamera’s books and I’m so sad that this book was such a letdown.

It is incredibly sexual. Every girl loves a good romance story. But this… this is just on the border of icky. While I hardly ever mind the mention of butterflies in a stomach, or one having a hard time keeping the other out the his/her mind (in a non-sexual way of course) but this book was just over the top. There were little things like hand and forehead kisses, to detailed make-out sessions and MANY mentions of consummating a marriage. Not to mention her brother telling her about the birds and bees, mentions of women’s chests, and a man who had his female slaves visit him in the house. Something that also bothered me was that Cullen seemed to objectify women a lot, and in a marriage your wife is not a thing, she is a human. Another thing is that sex never really seemed to honor God, if that makes any sense.

The book was semi-spiritual. There seemed to be very few mentions of God and the Bible midst all the sexual things.

Minor cussing, and quite a bit of violence or remembrance of violence. There is also mentions of prejudice against colored people. I don’t really mind it all that much, considering how that was how it was, and probably much worse.

All things considered, I’d much rather read Francine Rivers than this ever again.